Terms and Conditions

1. Scope

These terms and conditions apply to all contracts for the rental of hostel rooms for accommodation that are concluded between Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG and third parties (guests) as well as for all other services and deliveries provided by the Ruhrtropolis Hostel (guest accommodation contract).

2. Reservations

By making a reservation, the guest offers to conclude a guest accommodation contract. If the booked room is available, the guest will receive a reservation confirmation from Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG. By accepting the reservation made by the guest, a guest accommodation contract is concluded between Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG and the guest.

Offers from Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG with regard to available rooms are subject to change and non-binding. Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG can refuse to conclude a guest accommodation contract at its own discretion.

There is no entitlement to use the overnight service in a specific room. Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG reserves the right to define customary restrictions such as minimum stays, booking guarantees or down payments for certain dates.

3. Cancellation deadlines

A guaranteed reservation exists when the guest confirms payment for the accommodation service by providing a credit card number. A guaranteed reservation can be canceled free of charge up to 2 days before the day of arrival by providing the reservation number. If you cancel within 48 hours before check-in time, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellation after 2 p.m. on the day of arrival is excluded and Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG retains the right to the agreed remuneration minus any saved expenses. The same applies if the guest does not appear (no show). In the case of reservations guaranteed for several days, all subsequent nights from and including the second night will be canceled in the event of no-show and the guest is not entitled to the subsequent nights.

Simple reservations, i.e. reservations for payment by the guest is not yet guaranteed, are valid until 8 p.m. on the day of arrival. After 8 p.m. the reservation expires automatically and free of charge. The Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is entitled to rent the reserved room to someone else.

4. Accommodation prices and other prices

The prices stated by Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG at the time the contract is concluded apply. The applicable prices are gross total prices and include all statutory taxes, fees and charges. Not included are local taxes that are owed by the guest according to the respective municipal law, such as visitor's tax.

Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG reserves the right to adjust the prices accordingly in the event of a change in tax, fee and duty rates and the effective collection of new taxes, fees and charges not previously known to the parties. In the case of contracts with consumers, this only applies if the period between the conclusion of the contract (booking confirmation) and the adjustment of the contract exceeds four months.

5. Terms of payment

The price of the entire booked accommodation service must always be paid in advance by the guest, at the latest upon arrival at the hostel.

A set-off of the guest is excluded, unless the set-off concerns an undisputed or legally established claim.

Valid means of payment are cash in euros, EC card, Master Card, Visa Card, American Express and Apple Pay.

6. Possibilities of using reserved rooms

Reserved rooms are available to the guest from 5 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 12 noon on the day of departure. On request and subject to availability, a later departure (late check-out) can be arranged with the hostel in advance. If the hostel agrees to a late check-out, the hostel is entitled to invoice the costs for the additional use of the room. For departures after 3 p.m., the full daily price of the room will be charged. There is no contractual right to late check-out.

7. Resale

The resale / rental and / or the brokerage of booked rooms is prohibited. In particular, the brokerage of rooms and / or room allotments to third parties at prices higher than the actual room prices is not permitted. The assignment or sale of the claim against Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is also not permitted. In these cases, Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is entitled to cancel the booking, in particular if the guest provided the third party with false information about the type of booking or payment during the assignment / sale. Use of the hostel room for anything other than accommodation is expressly prohibited.

8. Liability of the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG

The hostel is liable for its obligations under the contract with the diligence of a prudent businessman. Customer claims for compensation are excluded. Excluded from this are damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health if the hostel is responsible for the breach of duty, other damage that is based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the hostel and damage that is based on an intentional or negligent breach of typical contractual obligations of the hostel. A breach of duty by the hostel is equivalent to that of a legal representative or vicarious agent. Should disruptions or deficiencies in the services of the service provider occur, the hostel will endeavor to remedy the situation if it becomes aware of it or if the customer complains immediately. A retention or reduction in payment cannot be derived from this. The customer is obliged to do what is reasonable for him to remedy the disruption and to keep possible damage to a minimum. 2. The customer is aware that a special feature of the accommodation service in the hostel is that beds in multi-bed rooms are rented out individually. Customers who book beds in shared rooms accept that strangers may share such rooms. If a customer has not booked all beds in a room, he must expect that the beds that have not been booked will be occupied by other guests.

The hostel provides sufficient lockers in every shared room. The hostel expressly recommends making use of this option.

If valuables are locked in the locker, the hostel's liability is based on the statutory provisions, which is 100 times the room price, a maximum of € 3,500, and a maximum of € 800 for valuables and cash. Otherwise the hostel is exempt from liability except for intent and negligence.

The liability claims expire if the customer does not notify the service provider immediately after gaining knowledge of loss, destruction or damage (§ 703 BGB).

The Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is liable for damages for which it is responsible from injury to life, body or health. Furthermore, the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is liable for other damages based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG as well as for damages based on an intentional or negligent breach of typical contractual obligations. A breach of duty by Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is equivalent to that of its legal representatives, employees or vicarious agents. Further claims for damages are excluded, unless otherwise regulated in these terms and conditions.

Should disruptions or deficiencies in the services of the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG occur, the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG will endeavor to remedy the situation if the guest becomes aware of it or if the guest complains immediately. The guest is obliged to do what is reasonable for him to remedy the disruption and to keep possible damage to a minimum. In addition, the guest is obliged to inform Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG in good time about the possibility of exceptionally high damage.

The Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is liable for items brought in according to the statutory provisions. The claim expires if the guest does not notify the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG immediately after gaining knowledge of the loss, destruction or damage of the item brought in. If the guest wishes to bring money, securities and valuables with a value of more than € 800 or other items with a value of more than € 3,500 into the hostel, this requires a separate written agreement with the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG.

All claims against Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG generally expire within one year from the start of the statutory limitation period. This does not apply to claims for damages or other claims arising from injury to life, limb or health and / or due to a grossly negligent or willful breach of duty by Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG.

9. Respect for privacy

When booking a bed in a shared room, guests may share the room with unknown third parties. Alternatively, private rooms are available. The customer is obliged to consider this when selecting the room before and when concluding the contract.

The rooms are entered by staff daily between 12:00 and 16:00 to remove the rubbish and, if possible, to sweep and mop the floor. If this is not desired, the customer is obliged to notify this in good time.

10. Termination of the guest accommodation contract

The Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is entitled to terminate the guest accommodation contract for an important reason. An important reason exists in particular if (I) force majeure or other circumstances for which Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is not responsible make the fulfillment of the contract impossible, (II) rooms or rooms are culpably booked with misleading or false information or with concealment of essential facts; The identity of the guest, the solvency or the purpose of the stay can be essential, (III) the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG has justified cause to assume that the use of the service supports the smooth business operations, the security or the reputation of the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG in public can endanger without this being attributable to the sphere of control or organization of the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG; (IV) the purpose or the reason for the stay is illegal; or (V) in the case of resale / letting and / or brokerage (see Section 7).

11. Coupons

A voucher purchased from Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG can only be redeemed for the hostel's own services. If there are any remaining credit balances when paying with the voucher, these remain in place and can be used for further payments. The voucher is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Vouchers cannot be returned, they are not resalable or transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. The vouchers cannot be used for online payments. The person ordering the voucher is responsible for providing the correct data (in particular the email address) to which the voucher and the invoice are to be sent.

Revocation instruction: Declarations regarding vouchers can be revoked within 14 days without giving reasons in any form (letter, fax, email) or, if the voucher is handed over before the deadline, by returning the voucher. The period begins after receipt of this instruction in writing, but not before the recipient has received the voucher. Timely dispatch of the cancellation or the voucher is sufficient to meet the cancellation deadline. The revocation must be sent to Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG GmbH, keyword: voucher, Kastanienallee 16, 45127 Essen or by email: hallo@ruhrtropolis-hostel.com.

12. Kitchen use

It is forbidden to consume food and drinks that you have brought with you in the public areas. Breakfast can only be taken in the designated rooms in the public area (bar, lounge). It is not possible to take away any of the breakfast items offered. It is forbidden to prepare food in the rooms.

13. Non-smoking in the hostel

The Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG is a non-smoking hostel. It is therefore forbidden to smoke in the public areas as well as in the guest rooms. In the event of an infringement, Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG has the right to demand an amount of € 100 from the guest as compensation for the separately incurred cleaning costs, including any loss of revenue from renting the room that is not possible as a result.

14. Pets

Bringing a pet requires the approval of the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG. The guest is obliged to announce the wish to bring a pet in advance. If the Ruhrtropolis Hostel UG agrees to bring the pet, then this happens on the condition that the pet is under the constant supervision of the guest, is free from diseases and does not represent any other danger for the hostel guests and the hostel staff. Pets are generally only allowed in single and double rooms. There is a charge of € 5 per night for the pet. Exceptions are, however, blind, deaf and other comparable service dogs. These can be carried free of charge.

15. Group bookings / contingent contracts / event times

For group bookings of more than five rooms and allotment contracts, separate payment and cancellation conditions apply, which result from the corresponding contracts.

Different cancellation deadlines apply to bookings during events and trade fairs. These are shown in the booking process and on the booking confirmation.

16. Final provisions

Changes and additions to the guest accommodation contract or the general terms and conditions must be made in writing. Unilateral changes or additions by the guest are ineffective.

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising between the parties from the contractual relationship is Essen.

German law applies. The application of the UN sales law is excluded.